Volleyball Rules And Regulations Basic To Complex

Volleyball Volleyball Rules and Regulations Basic To Complex

Have you ever been surfing through the sports channels on your television set and come across a sport where 6 person on either side of a net are punching a ball and trying to smash it into the opponent’s court? Or have you been following the game but the rules and regulations of the game have puzzled you all this while? Well, for all those people and everyone else,today we will present you with a compact set of Volleyball rules and regulations ( yes,those 6 people on either side are playing Volleyball!!) Over the recent years there have been many changes to the rules of the game to suit the various competitions held all across the country, but we will make sure our readers will get a complete idea of game and how it’s played.

We will start step by step and move from basics of the game to the more complex parts.

 Dimensions of the Volleyball Court: 

The court has a length of 18m and a breadth of 9m. The 18m length is divided equally into two halves and is clearly marked out by a line over which the 1m wide net passes. On either side of the net, the two teams, each consisting of 6 members play. Generally for men’s competition the top of the net has a height of 2.43 m while the same for women’s competition has a height of 2.24m. This value may be varied as per requirement. Each side of the court is divided into front court and back court by the “attack line”; which is a line drawn parallel to the net 3m from the center-line. Most of the attacking player takes part in the front court.

 The Ball: 

According to the International Volleyball Federation(FIVB), the ball used for playing volleyball must be spherical and made of leather or synthetic leather having a bladder made of rubber inside. It should also have the following specs:

  • Circumference: 65-67 cm
  • Weight: 260-280 gm
  • Inside Pressure: 030-0325 kg/cm2

 The Basic Gameplay: 

The game starts with a toss that decides which team will begin the game with a serve. Each team consists of six players. The player who serves the ball has to stand behind the end line or restraining line and serve the opponent team. A successful serve is one which reaches the opponent’s court without touching the net or dropping inside the serving team’s court first. A successful serve begins a point. Once the opponent team touches the ball the server can now come back into the court and play his position. The opponent will now try to return the ball to the other side of the court and for this they have 3 attempts,i.e, they can touch the ball three times before sending it over to the other side. If they fail to do so they lose the point.

Also no single player can touch the ball two time consecutively (this does not include defending the ball) . Usually a team tries to set up an attack with the first two touches and then the final touch is usually the attacking shot where the ball is either placed or smashed into the opponent’s half such that the ball touches the ground. If that doesn’t happen then the teams go back and forth with hitting the ball till one team drops the ball in their own half or makes a mistake that leads to point gain for the opponent. The last point received decides which team will serve.

 Players….and the roles they play: 

The six players of each team rotate their positions during the game. Three players stand in-front of the attacking line and three behind it. Each time a team wins a point and hence the chance to serve,their players must rotate one position clockwise. This means that every player will play in every position. Players who stand in the back row must not attack the ball above the net and in front of the attack line.

 Points-Gain or Loss: 

More than three touches in their own half will lead to a point loss for that team ( defense not included). If a player touches the ball twice in a row his team will be penalized with one point. Also throwing or catching the ball are considered as fouls. While playing if any player touches the net or goes under the net into the opposition’s half, his/her team will be losing that point.

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 Scoring a Point: 

This is the last major point you need to understand in order to have a proper knowledge about Volleyball rules and regulations. If you have understood the previous point, then this will be absolute cakewalk for you. The rules of scoring are pretty simple but over the years they have had their fair share of changes and alterations. Usually the modern game has 5 sets each and the team which scores 25 points in one set with a two-point margin from the opponent, wins the set. Every rally leads to a point, no matter who serves the ball. The first team that wins 3 sets wins the match. In case the match runs into the last and fifth set, then the team who gets to 15 points faster along with that two-point margin from their opponent, wins.

Well? Don’t wait any longer. With the most concise Volleyball rules and regulations available in your hands. Now you can start spreading your knowledge or maybe just sit back and enjoy the game which has so long bemused you.

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