Kevenz Ping Pong Balls Review 2021

Kevenz Ping Pong Balls Review 2017-18

As you reading the post so that you are a table tennis lover who wants to play table tennis or already you are a good table tennis players who obviously have a good knowledge of table tennis rules, a table tennis bat,and all other  equipment.

If you wants to buy best cheap table tennis balls at reasonable price hope you are in right place.Today I am here to introduce you the best table tennis ball brands.yes I am talking about kevenz ping Pong balls review.

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Maintain all official rules of table tennis:

If you paly table tennis you should follow the table tennis rules and regulation and must use those materials which made of by following official rules.kevenz ping pong balls weight is 2.75g which is standard for ping pong balls.And the ball size is 40 mm which is more playable to 38mm ping pong helps you to catch it very well and spin well.

It passes all kind of tests:

kevenz ping pong balls are made from their own factory where they use all high quality imported machine.the machine detecting the balls weight automatically.It also passes table tennis balls hardness test.An ideal table tennis balls also need a minimum ability to accept table tennis bat weight which hit it. kevenz ping pong balls have a good quality and its durability is amazing.table tennis balls thickness is so much important to paly a good game. The ideal ping pong ball  thickness is 0.86 mm. And it is another good news for all table tennis lover is that this ping pong ball also have the standard ping pong balls thickness.So need not worrys about this ball qualities.

Features and Specifications:

  • Ball Weight (g): 2.60-2.80
  • Ball Diameter (mm): 39.5-40.5
  • Long-Lasting: the impact of not less than 1000 times, no cracks
  • Standard 3 star ping pong balls
  • Good control, good spin and great bounce
  • Suitable for all kind of training and pro level games
  • Applicable: Suitable for multi-ball training, schools, Table Tennis Arena,beginners, table tennis robots, and other training balls

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Customer Reviews and Scores:

It is one of the best selling ping pong balls in the can get all kind of facilities you need from an ideal table tennis balls.This part is most imsportant. it helps you to take the final decision.I found 380 customer reviews while I writing this article.kevenz ping pong balls get 4.7 out of 5 stars from its physical users Who already playing with this balls.In my point of view, i found most of the customers reviews are positive.For any kind of products you can't get 100%. Sometimes it depends on your playing environment and how expert you are in this sector.

One customer said “Nice ping pong balls for beginners and intermediate players. They don't play or feel like professional balls but are way good enough for the average player, like me. They are consistently balanced and bounce true.”Another cat lover said “50 orange ping pong balls + 3 cats = awesome! We are finding them all over the house now, but it was well worth it. Decent quality balls. Packaged securely (no squishies). Arrived quickly”

All of the customer reviews help me to suggest kevenz ping pong balls for your search term which is best table tennis balls, best table tennis balls online, table tennis ball buy online or whatever it is.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Question:Can I wash the ball before use in my robot? Is it anti-water?
  • Answer:Yes, it is. There is no air holes, or anything. Just like normal Pingpong balls. But not quite consistent.
  • Question:Can you tell me the package measures?
  • Answer:Plastic bag roughly 11x11x3"
  • Question:Has anyone used these balls in a robot ping pong machine?
  • Answer:I have not but they are very good quality balls. They are very consistent in size and shape, no issues with wobble when spun. I have gone thru a few of these 50 packs and have no complaints. Another Answer:It should be fine.

I hope you enjoyed this kevenz ping pong balls review. now buy this ball and enjoy your games.Happy Shopping

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