Best Vitamins For Beard Growth In 2021| Top 5 Products Review

What is the first thing we observe when we look at a man? His beard, whether it is present or not, and if present, how he’s wearing them.Seriously, how a man maintains his beards says a lot about him and his lifestyle. Gone are the days when the beard was thought uncool. Nowadays, beards are manly grooming statement. If maintained properly, a thick beard can display confidence, authority and masculine personality, making a man stand out from the crowd.

But what if your beards don’t grow naturally? There are many factors that can influence this, including age, health, gene pool etc. Whenever that happens, you need something stronger than regular beard oil or shampoo to kick off the growth.We are talking about the best vitamins for beard growth. They’ll help you fight the nutrient deficiency which usually is responsible for lack of beard and many other bodily malfunctions.

Top Beard Vitamins Comparison Chart 2021

  • Prime Beard Growth Vitamins
  • Capsule Quantity: 60
  • Biotin Quantity: 5000 Mcg
  • Multivitamin
  • Number Of Ingredients: 20
  • Iron Beard Beard Growth Vitamin
  • Capsule Quantity: 60
  • Biotin Quantity: 5000 Mcg
  • Multivitamin
  • Number Of Ingredients: 21
  • Beard Grow XL
  • Capsule Quantity:90
  • Biotin Quantity : 2000 Mcg
  • Multivitamin
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  • Number Of Ingredients: 20
  • Lumberman Premier Beard
  • Capsule Quantity: 60
  • Biotin Quantity: 2000 Mcg
  • Multivitamin
  • Number Of Ingredients: 21
  • Viking Revolution Beard Growth Vitamin
  • Capsule Quantity: 30
  • Biotin Quantity: 5000 Mcg
  • Multivitamin
  • Number Of Ingredients: 21

Best Vitamins For Beard Growth Reviews

1. Beard Grow XL Review

People behind Delta Genesis’s Beard Grow XL know change starts from the inside. That’s why they made this vitamin in supplement form.The outlook might seem normal, even cheap to some buyer. But there are solid reasons why they have been number one beard vitamin for a long time. The product is made 100% vegan and vegetarian, packed with natural ingredients.Unregulated hormonal components can be hazardous for your body. Thankfully, the supplement is free of hormonal ingredients. It is crammed with natural vitamins like A, C, E, B1. B6 and B12. Other ingredients include biotin, saw palmetto, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, MSM, horsetail extract and many more.B12, Biotin and Saw Palmetto are the ingredients that directly participate in preventing hair loss and triggering facial hair growth.It is one of the best supplements to help beard growth.

Other components like MSM and horsetail extract help other bodily functions like preventing inflammation and growing healthy nails.Being made of natural ingredients, you won’t face any side effect from using Beard Grow XL. Also, these ingredients make this supplement suitable for people of all ethnicities and beard types.Each bottle contains 90 tablets which are enough to go for 30 days. And according to public feedbacks, you should start seeing results before the bottle is over.

What We Like


  • Natural ingredients to help grow your beard from inside out.
  • Free of harmful ingredients and hormonal components.
  • A vegan/vegetarian formula which is highly effective.
  • The bottle contains supplies for a full month.
  • Although it comes with many necessary vitamins for beard growth, the price might seem a little high.

2. Prime Beard Growth Vitamins | Top rated vitamins to grow beard

You can apply oil on beards all you want, but the root cause of low facial hair growth is nutrition deficiency. To be more specific, the vitamins that trigger the facial hair growth.Prime Beard goes to the root instead of scratching the surface. It comes with 20 necessary vitamins, minerals, herbs and proteins. Not only it helps grow facial hair, but also it keeps the hair hydrated and the skin smooth.This is a Non-GMO product. Which means there are no genetically modified organisms present in this supplement. Since it is all natural, it will work well with people of all ethnicities and all beard types.The supplement contains all necessary nutrients a beard vitamin should have. Vitamin A, C, E, Vitamin B complexes, Niacin, Biotin, Zinc, MSM are some of the components.

The supplement also contains a special enhancement named Prime Beard Complex, which consists of coconut oil, saw palmetto, pumpkin, nettle and Ceylon cinnamon.The result? Prime Beard works with all types of beard, be it, curly, straight, wavy, coarse or thick. Not only that, it keeps the skin healthy and nourished. This product is made in the USA and is tested by third parties to maintain top quality.

What We Like


  • Comes with necessary proteins, vitamins, minerals, and herbs for beard growth.
  • Works well with all ethnicity people and beard types.
  • The supplement Helps keep the beard hydrated and the skin radiant.
  • Includes a special enhancement called Prime Beard Complex to kick of beard growth.
  • It may take some time to see significant results.

3. Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard

Zhou Nutrition knows one thing or two about hair growth. After all, they are the manufacturer of the Hairfluence, a famous women hair product. Thankfully, the thought of the male counterparts too and crafted a scientifically designed formula. The result is Iron Beard.They work slightly different from other products. They are mostly packed of botanicals coming from herbal blends. The herbal blend includes natural ingredients like pumpkin seeds, nettle extracts and fo-ti, an effective Chinese herbal.Apart from herbal blends, a number of other ingredients are also used. Usual hair growth vitamins, hydrolyzed collagen, biotin, vitamin B complexes, and 18 necessary amino acids all together form a powerful beard growth enhancer. It is one of the best selling vitamins to grow beard faster.

The result is tremendous. Apart from growing beards at a great speed, this herbal formula assists in recovering hair glow, skin radiance and healthy nails.As for the beard, it will help you fill patchy beard spots, ensure even growth and add thickness. No matter what beard type you possess or which ethnicity you belong to, this herbal formula will suit you indiscriminately.

What We Like


  • A natural formula, free from harmful ingredients.
  • Advanced multivitamin complex with herbal blends, vitamins, and seed extracts.
  • Helps you grow thicker, yet even facial hair.
  • Help to maintain healthy hair, hydrated skin, and radiant nails.
  • Works well with all hair types.
  • The capsule comes with a strong smell, probably due to the herbal complex.

4.Lumberman Premier Beard & Hair Growth Vitamin

Beard growth vitamins aren’t some secret ingredients that’ll work wonders overnight. They are made of vitamin and minerals, which define how strong or effective they are.The Lumberman Premier is a strong, effective beard vitamin supplement. That’s because it comes with more ingredients than most of its counterparts. The bottle comes with 60 tablets, each one filled with 21 essential nutrients.The components include Biotin, Vitamin A, C, D, E, B Complexes, Folate, Niacin, Linoleic Acid, Zinc, Choline, Iron, Selenium, Iodine, Copper, Millet Extract, MCT and N-Acetyl Cysteine. You don’t have to memorize them, because Lumberman ensured you get your necessary supplements on a daily basis.The manufacturing company ‘Feelz Good’ takes the notion of ‘functionality’ very seriously. That’s why their products are formulated with components that really works. The Lumberman Premier is no different.

Together these vitamins and minerals facilitate a healthy, beard growth. It’s only natural people will have different beard styles, and Lumberman makes sure the product works with them all. Also, it works great on people with different ethnicities.Apart from your beard, it also has a positive effect on your body. It will help hydrate your skin, repair damaged scalp hair, and revive brittle nails. Overall, this hair solution cum multivitamin supplement will help you look young, healthy and manly.

What We Like


  • Packed with more ingredients than most of the other beard growth supplements.
  • Works fine with people of all ethnicity and all beard types.
  • Comes with Biotin and Vitamin B complexes which help grow beard head on.
  • Help you maintain healthy skin, nail, and scalp.
  • Allergen-free product keeps away from side effects.
  • The smell that comes with the tablets isn’t exactly delicious or appealing.

5. Viking Revolution Men’s Beard Growth Vitamin 

People who are familiar with Vikings civilization will visualize one then when they hear the name. A masculine face full of beards. Viking Revolution aims to relive the era with their sophisticated beard products. If you are a modern man who is passionate about beards, Viking Revolution is your go-to brand.Why? Because they offer all natural ingredients with their beard growth supplement. They address different beard conditions, be it growing new beards or growing the existing one thicker. They take unhealthy, patchy beards and turn them to healthier, longer and thicker beards.This is the cheapest product in our list. That probably has something to do with the number of tablets. It comes with 30 tablets, while most of the brands provide 60-tablet bottles. However, unlike the quantity, the quality is top notch.For instance, it comes with 5000 mcg of biotin, which is impressive. Since biotin is one of the active components that trigger beard growth, you can expect these tablets to work fast. 

The Viking Revolution even claim beard growth within weeks of application.Apart from biotin, this capsule contains vitamins (A, C, B Complexes), folic acid, zinc, and other nutrients.On the plus side, the capsule also includes herbal components like Fo-Ti, pumpkin seed, saw palmetto and nettle extract. Together, they help to maintain healthy skin, scalp hair, and nails.The herbs are mixed in a good measure with the vitamins. Since the components are free from hormones, you shouldn’t experience any negative side effect.If you’re already impressed by the price, you’ll be amazed to know that they provide a free comb within the price. A little gesture surely goes a long way, and that’s the reason Vikings has seen such tremendous growth.

What We Like


  • Cheap beard vitamin with superior quality.
  • Biotin-rich capsules will help the beard grow faster.
  • Comprise of 21 ingredients that aid in healthy beard, skin, and nails.
  • All natural product, no harmful hormones used.
  • The package comes with a beard comb.
  • Since there are botanic components present in the capsules, they might taste unpleasant.

Does Beard Vitamins Work?

Beard vitamins do work well, and they don’t!Let me spare the riddle and get right to the point. The last thing you need is biased opinions.You see, beard vitamins aren’t some magical tonics that overnight grow your beard. If that happened, each ounce would have been sold for hundreds, if not thousands. What they do is, they maximize the body’s natural ability to grow facial hair.There can be two reasons why your beards are not growing. Either there is a lack of hair follicles altogether, or you haven’t given your body an ideal condition to grow beard follicles. For the latter case, giving your body the necessary condition and nutrients will trigger beard growth.

However, if your body isn’t supposed to grow hair on the designated place, no supplement can help you. Take multivitamin or vitamin A for example. They are meant to help you reach 100%. Your 100%, not others. If you take all the vitamin A supplements in the world, your eyesight won’t improve more than it is meant to be.Just like that, if your lifestyle or lack of nutrients is preventing the growth of a healthy forest on your face, beard vitamins can help you. Otherwise, it can’t.So what are the nutrients we talking about? They are Biotin, Vitamin A, B, E, Iron, and Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium etc.The best way to stimulate beard growth hormones and trigger the body’s natural response in order to grow beards is obviously a healthy lifestyle. If you get a balanced diet, proper sleep and maintain right muscle to fat ratio through exercise, you have a good shot at growing beards naturally.But if your lifestyle is the opposite of that, you’ll need something other than the regular diet to fulfill your bodily need of nutrients. Also, even with a healthy diet, it’s tough to keep track of the vitamins you’re taking, or missing.What beard vitamins do is, pack those necessary nutrients into a capsule. So that you can fulfill the daily requirement regardless of the diet. If you have undeveloped fair follicles due to an unhealthy lifestyle, insufficient nutrient intake or other factors, these vitamins will help them grow.

So, to conclude, beard vitamins actually work. That’s why they have been so popular. However, they won’t work for everybody, and that has nothing to do with the supplements. Also, fake products from shady companies won’t contain the nutrients properly, therefore won’t help you.

Are Beard Growth Vitamins Safe?

As it is clear from the above discussion, beard vitamins provide necessary nutrients that are required to grow facial hair naturally. The vitamins contained in beard supplements also aid in nail growth, cleaning beard dandruff and skin texture improvement. Thus, using beard growth vitamins will help you in several ways.Now the next burning question comes, are they safe to use? If so, to what extent?When you use supplements and medicines, it’s hard to tell how your body will respond to this. Your body might even reject something that has no shortcomings on its own. The human body is complicated, and a small problem can exhibit itself in a big way.

The beard vitamins side effects include constipation, pimple breakout, and acne. Your stomach might get upset and diarrhea might follow. However, these are the things one should expect when taking any supplement to speak of. They aren’t life endangering and probably will solve on their own within a few days.Then comes the effects of overdosing, which is not a good idea by the way! It might yield harm instead of accelerating the hair growth process. The irritations might include skin rashes, elevation of blood sugar, upset tummy etc.Please Note: We are not doctors. We don’t suggest any daily dosage quantity or any take on the compatibility of the vitamins. In case of any physical discomfort and irritations, we suggest going to an experienced doctor.

Best Vitamins For Beard Growth

The main challenge with beard growth products isn’t whether they work or not. You see, the market is flooded with cheap and inferior products that won’t live up to what they claim. Some products claim they’ll work on every people on the planet while bearing the effectiveness of a water-soaked firecracker.

You need to be careful and choose nothing other than the best beard vitamins. Checking the below-mentioned features will help you cherry-pick the good products.

1. Ingredients

It’s a good idea to check the list of ingredients before buying the product. Many people don’t like anything other than natural ingredients. Also, some even have sensitive skin that might be irritated by chemical components like parabens, silicone, and perfume.

Make sure you look at the ingredient list, they usually come printed on the container box. Both organic and non-organic components are okay, just make they’re the ones you want.Furthermore, we’ll advise you to avoid brands that are not transparent and clearly stating their components. A good brand should be able to confidently exhibit their ingredient list so that customers can make an educated choice. Beware of products that claim to have ‘mystery formula’ to grow your beard fast.

2. Containing Nutrients

One thing you have to decide on is whether you aim beard growth solely or take a comprehensive pill that’ll act as multivitamins. Both are okay to use, just subjected to your personal preference.There are several vitamins and minerals that trigger facial hair growth. Usually, the hair growth supplements come with them. These containing nutrients make sure you get your daily required quantity, even if you take imbalanced diets.One thing to remember is not to go overboard with the dosage. The daily recommended dosage of biotin is 2.5 mg, for iron it’s not more than 25 mg. Make sure the product contains the nutrients in the right amount.

3. Oral Or Topical?

Usually, beard vitamins are meant to be taken orally. However, many people aren’t accustomed to that, thus opt products that can be applied on the beard. Although this is a matter of preference, remember, oral tablets contain more vitamins than other counterparts.
Also, oral tablets act as multivitamins. They contain the necessary nutrients you need on a daily basis, providing several other health benefits.On the other hand, topical vitamins do a better job on your existing beards. They act as a beard maintainer more than a beard growth supplement. Also, they are easy to apply.

4. Additional Benefits

While growth vitamins are meant to grow facial hairs, often they come with additional benefits. They remove dandruff, heal damaged hair follicles, and help grow them continuously.Also, beard vitamins come packed with nutrients that are beneficial for the body. As a result, they help to improve overall body performance. You’ll probably notice your nails getting lively, and improved skin texture. Also, they’ll deal with spots, germs, and bacteria that build upon the skin.

5. Brand And Reviews

Brand probably plays a big role when it comes to hair growth supplements. Lofty claims, shiny billboards, and deceptive ads can mislead you to buy an inferior product. Not only they’ll fail to live up to expectation, but they might also even damage your existing hair.So, how to avoid that? The best way is going with safe decisions, products that have been around for a while and getting praise from users. Bigger brands have a reputation to maintain, and that’s why they are unlikely to hand you an unsafe product.Also, always hear what your fellow users have to say. You’ll know if a product works wonders and go purchase that one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Vitamins

1. How Fast Do Beard Vitamins Work?

Beard vitamins aren’t some overnight solution. And anyone claiming that is probably taking you for a fool. Beard vitamins fulfill the deficiency of necessary nutrients responsible for beard growth. That takes time.
Usually, quality products show results within weeks. As they are rich in biotin and other enhancements, they tend to work faster. However, it’s important to keep patience if the results aren’t immediately showing. Some products might take up to 3 months to show real results.

2. What Are The Best Vitamins For Beard Growth?

There are some natural vitamins and minerals that trigger the hormones responsible for facial hair growth. They are-

  • Water-soluble vitamins- Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6.
  • Fat Soluble Vitamins- Vitamin A, D, E, and K2.
  • Minerals- Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Selenium.

3. What Can I Do To Help Beard Growth?

There are some things you should do along with taking vitamins. The tasks include-                                                                                   

  • Have a balanced and clean diet.
  • Add more protein to your meals and restrict junk food.
  • Exercise on a daily basis.
  • Get ample sleep at night. Don’t stay up late.
  • Use exfoliating products and keep your face clean.
  • Drink plenty of water. Avoid smoking.


A lot of people love having grown, thick and masculine beard. Some others like the notion that they can grow a thick beard whenever they want. But what about the people who don’t have this natural gift?
Well, it’s neither a life-threatening issue, nor it should define who you are. But nonetheless, there’s a masculine aura about it. No one likes their facial hair missing around the cheek and sideburns. If that’s the case, the best vitamins for beard growth can help you.
However, while using this product, you must stay realistic. If your facial hair growth is hindered by any nutrition deficiency, these products will address it. However, if your hair follicle is missing due to genetic issues, they can’t grow it from zilch. But you don’t know what’s causing insufficient hair growth until you try, right? It’s a quest worth pursuing. And on the bonus side, these nutrients are beneficial for you, and they’ll help the body in many other ways. Even if you don’t see immediate beard growth, your skin and nails will start to look radiant. For you, it’s always a win.

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