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Like to play golf? Or want to start to play? Then you are in right place. Golf is a sport to play with focus and calm mind. You can’t play it in the noisy place. It is why this outdoor sports play has a different playground. To play golf you have to own a strong and durable golf ball.

But maximum balls are expensive.Here I will talk about the best cheap golf balls in town. Yes, you will get a bunch of golf balls in reasonable price and they are very good in condition. You can play with them for practice and professionally both. Just go through this review of the cheap golf balls and pick the best one for you.

Comparison Table Of Best Cheap Golf Balls:

  • PrideSports Practice Golf Balls
  • Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 ounces
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable lightweight plastic
  • Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Durable and strong
  • Bright color ball
  • Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls
  • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Manufacturer:LostGolfBalls
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  • No fabrics
  • Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls
  • Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Surlyn material
  • The colors are eye soothing
  • Callaway Chrome Soft
  • Dimensions: 12 x 2 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Dual soft core
  • Great spin control.

At a glance of the best cheap golf balls:

  • If you want all kinds of brand golf balls in one pack then Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls are best golf balls. You will get rough and tough brand balls easily.
  • PrideSports Practice Golf Balls are foam ball with the soft feature. You can play in your house with the ball. No worries to get broken window or furniture.
  • Nitro Max Distance Golf Balls have two cores- one is internal and other is external. The core helps to the ball to go straight and in distance. To be straight is important.
  • If you want a soft golf ball that goes in the long distance then Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are the best. The softball goes up and high easily and lands beautifully.
  • Callaway Chrome Soft 2017 Golf Balls the golf ball with 4 construction and soft core. The core helps the ball to be straight and go for long distance when it is hit with the pole. This ball helps to be focused and visible while playing.

2020’s Review of The Best Cheap Golf Balls:

1. Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls

For a golf ball, it is important to be rough and tough to play with. Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls are best in quality and you can enjoy your play without any worries of having any problem of getting a damaged ball. The best thing about this ball is you can get this durable ball at the reasonable price. This ball has no fabric in the body.


  • Strong and long-lasting golf ball.
  • The body has no fur and fabrics.
  • In the mixture of the golf set, you will get karma, juice, mojo, crush, ignite, ndx, velocity, feel+speed, tour accuracy and tour control.
  • You will get all types of golf balls by this set.


  • Quality ball with clean features.
  • Durable in features.
  • Excellent condition.


  • Sometimes the brands get mixed up and some go missing.

2.PrideSports Practice Golf Balls

The Pride Sports Practice Golf Balls is a pack of 12 pieces balls. They are foamed and best known as practice balls. You can play with them in any place you want like indoor and outdoor both. As they are made from foam, they are light in weight. So you can play and hit with them anywhere you want. These balls are easy to spin and control. The body of the balls has dimple patterns that allow influencing the ball flight whether it will go high or low. A yellow cover on the ball helps to keep visible the ball on air and ground. For the cover, the ball stays in the sight. For the beginner, this golf ball is perfect to practice with.


  • Lightweight in design.
  • Soft and durable.
  • Perfect for to play in any place.


  • You don’t need to practice in the field. You can practice it in your bedroom.
  • Great in price.
  • Play as much as you can in your house because the ball doesn't cause any damage.
  • Travels in the good distance.


  • Don’t give the feeling of hard hitting.

3.Nitro Max Distance Golf Balls

If you are looking for a different golf ball then Nitro Golf Max Distance golf balls are highly recommended. In the balls, you will get two layers one is soft internal core and a strong external cover. The inner core of the ball is ultra-reactive titanium that boosts the transfer of the energy; you can shot the ball high up and long way. You can hit hard and send the ball way too long with ease. The ball is simple and balanced in design. The design helps you to give a long shot with the hard hit.


  • The material is durable and strong.
  • You can hit the ball hard, as it is the highly constructable ball.
  • There is two core in the ball, one is inner core and the other is outside core.
  • The inner core has titanium reactive that helps to transfer the energy when you are playing the ball.
  • Dimple design of the ball is responsible for giving the ball high up and long shot.


  • High in quality.
  • Easy to play with.
  • Bright color ball.


  • Not a durable golf ball.

4.Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway supersoft Golf Balls are the softest golf ball. The ball goes straight and a long way to the compression point. The compression core helps the spin to reduce and distance gets the increase. When you hit the ball, it gets straight and long.


  • Surlyn material
  • A soft golf ball with 35 compressions.
  • The compression is ultra-low and helps to reduce the spin. By this, the ball goes for the long way.
  • For less spin, the ball goes straight.
  • You will get different colors when you get this ball. The colors are yellow, white and pink.


  • Great ball.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • Goes straight and long.
  • The colors are eye soothing.


  • Too soft to play with.

5.Callaway Chrome Soft 2017 Golf Balls

If you want a unique design golf ball that will provide you soft feel while playing then Callaway Chrome Soft 2017 Golf Balls are at your service. You can control the ball and hit it straight. The ball has 4-piece construction and the core is dual soft fast. This design helps the ball to be fast to go and reduce the spin. The low compression helps to shot long and straight. You will enjoy special distance, control in the green and soft feeling.


  • This golf ball has a dual soft core.
  • The core of the ball helps the ball to go in speed.
  • Construction of the ball helps to let you control when you are playing.
  • The ball is awesomely soft for low compression.
  • The pattern of the ball is red and white truvis. This pattern helps you to be focused and visible.


  • Soft feel.
  • Easy to find.
  • Let you shot in the great distance.
  • Has great spin control.


  • Too soft to hit hard.

Why should you trust us?

Once upon a time, I was a golf player and now I train up golf players. When I was playing, I was very in need of golf ball, a good golf ball. It is obvious that when you are playing golf, the ball has to be perfect to play with. After retiring from play, I started to contact the manufacturers of golf balls. I shared my point of views. It took a couple of more years to get a perfect golf ball in the market. Now the golf balls in the market are just awesome. The soft feeling, hitting hard in long distance- this is all about in golf play. I have also an online port where I sell best golf balls at the cheap price. I assure you will get the best golf ball from me. I have full transparent payment method and returning policy. For this, you can buy and return any golf ball you want. All the golf balls I have on my site are cheap in price but strong in the feature. Because I know not everyone can purchase an expensively branded golf ball. For all the new and struggling players, I have designed my site with all the cheapest golf ball in town.

How do we pick?

A golf ball is not just a ball, there are many things has to be focused when you are picking one golf ball to play. I have enlighted the parts you to must focus when you the are picking one:

Structure:Golf balls come with different types of construction. There is one piece, two pieces, three and four-piece golf balls which have layers.The one-piece ball is the most inexpensive and durable golf ball for beginners. Not for the long-distance hit.The two-piece ball has an internal core which helps to the golf ball to produce energy to go in the straight long way.With tree piece golf ball you can control the spin and hit the ball in a long-distance easily.A four-piece golf ball offers you the softest and longest hitting golf ball.All the design and structure make a golf ball fit for a strong play.

Spin:The spin is three types. Low spin, mid spin, and high spin golf balls.Low spinning balls allow the ball to fly straight in the air. But it will not go far.Mid spinning golf ball tries it best to go in the best distance and feel.A high spinning ball is best in spinning in the air and goes in a long distance.

Firmness:The firmness of a golf ball is very important. This feature helps the ball to be controlled while playing. Low compression ball is soft and goes for long distance. High compress ball can be controlled fully and produce fast speed.

Color:The color of the golf balls helps to stay visible and control.

Dimples:Dimple design of the ball affects the air particles and this cause a change in balls flight. The proper design makes the ball slowdown in perfect time.

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After getting a golf ball, you have to test:

  • Do the ball goes straight when you hit it? If not then it will be difficult to play with. Take the ball that goes straight.
  • Is the ball has cores in design? The cores help the golf ball to soft and durable.
  • After hitting the ball, do the golf ball goes in long-distance? It is important for the balls to go for long distance because at one time you have to hit the ball hard to go in a long distance.
  • Is the ball durable and strong? The golf ball has to be strong and durable in the feature. Because if you hit the ball and the ball gets ruined, then the ball is not ready for golf play.
  • Make sure the size and weight of the ball are not more than 1.68 inches and 1.62 oz. or else it will be difficult to play with.
  • Sometimes the balls get lost in the grass, try to use colorful golf balls that help to be visible on grass.
  • Pick the golf ball with the soft material because when you hit it sometimes it may land on your friends head. If the ball is hard then you have to close your game and run to the hospital with your friend to check his injury. So use a softball that is safe but plays well.

Golf is the game for the calm and focused mind. You have to hit the ball properly by calculating the distance and speed. You can play it just like that. The golf balls come in different structure and material. You may think the golf balls are expensive. In this review article, you will get full details about the best cheap golf balls in town. These balls are strong, durable and you will enjoy your play with them. Just keep your mind calm and calculate the speed and distance and the ball are in the hole. I give you guarantee that from the above golf balls you will get your desired one. Just read it carefully and pick one for your play. So enjoy playing and who knows one day you will stand next to Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy after achieving the best golf player. So all the best.

Final Verdict 

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