Basketball History, Basketball Player Equipment, Rules And Regulations Of Basketball

basketball rules and regulations

 Basketball History

Basketball is invented by a Canadian physical education instructor James Naismith, in is less injury than other games.after established, it spread up quickly.firstly it grew up America in the 20th century and spread out all over the world.likely other games, basketballs  have some basic rules and regulations,There are a different kind of rules in different types of games such as-

  • Professional rules
  • College rules
  • International rules
  • U.S.A professional rules

These rules depend on what kinds level you are playing.Here professional rules and college rules are some different.on the other hand, international rules and USA professional rules are different.Nowadays, it is the most popular games in over the world.450 million people play basketball all over the world according to FIBA notice.

Skills of Basketball:

If you want to play basketball then you must have to know about some basic skills .here, some important skills are-

  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Running
  • Passing
  • Jumping

Sports are also meant to improve skills like throwing and precision. Sports like this one will help you to achieve those skills

Basketball player equipment:

When you want to play any kind of games you must need some mandatory equipment for better and comfortable play. Mostly for the safety of your life. As a result in basketball you also need some equipment and those are-

  • Basketball sneakers: Players should wear basket sneakers cause it gives comfort and also helps to quickly moves and stops.Shoes are cheaper and reasonable, find it here cheap basketball shoes.
  • Athletic Socks: The player showed wear a pair of athletic prevents their feet and gives extra comfort.
  •  Jersey: The player should wear a loose-fitting athletic  Jersey cause it will move independently without any restriction on their upper body
  • Athletic Shorts: Players should wear loose-fitting athletic shorts cause it moves independently without any restriction on their lower body.
  • Elbow Pads: Elbow Pads is used to prevent injuries to other players.
  • Knee Pads: It protects players from falls and down to the floor.
  • Goggles: Players should wear goggles to protect themselves from an uncareful poke to the eye.
  • Mouthpiece: Players should wear a mouthpiece, to protect their teeth, lips and cheeks.
  • Ball: To choose the right basketball and its dimension is most important matter.
  • Basketball hops: It does not very need but if you want to complete basketball players then you must know all of the things of basketball.

Basketball Rules and Regulations  

At present, basketball is one of the most popular and dynamic games all over the world.simply it is defined as a straight forward goal such as put the ball in an opponent officially depend on some kind of rule.such as the volume of the court, numbers of player and equipment specifications e.t.c.these rules are based on origin, country, division, and league.the basic rules and regulations of basketball described as below-

  • Teams and Numbers of player: Two teams and maximum 12 players needed for this game and each team consist 6 players.each team may make the substitution as they like.
  • Basic Principle Of The Game: 

     1.scoring by throwing or dropping the ball through the opposition’s basket.

     2.stop the opponent from keep scoring.


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Court and equipment:

Basketball is a favorable game.if you want to play then you have must need some simple concept know about the court and the equipment.such as elevated hoop which is maximum 10 feet above the ground and a ball .it also play any type environmental setting.e.g.indoor.outdoor, park e.t.c.basically, court dimension depends on league or level and division or origins.


The game consists of four periods of 10 minutes .if the score are level, then over time periods are starting.overtime period duration will be 5 minutes until one team has more than score or goal and find final destination is called shot.

  • A Basket scored from near inside the main point of the arc is achieve 2 points.
  • A basket scored from near beyond the point arc is achieved 3 points.
  • A basket scored from the free -throw line is achieve one point.


there are 2 types of moving in basketball.such as the pass and the dribble.the pass is defined as when one player transfer ball from another player and it is involved in all team work.the dribble in defined as continuousness bouncing of the ball on the floor.on the other hand, it is an individual effort.

Aggressive play: 

Basketball is a civilized sport.any types of roughness, forced physical contact or any types of miss behave are totally restricted.

Referees responsibilities:

the referees are conducting the games.each team player should abide by referees decision and show respect the referee’s decision. refrees are usually used in white-black stripped shirt and black parts.

Rules breaking:

breaking rules are divided into two categories-foul and is described as below-

Technical fouls:

player or coach can be committed this type of foul.arguing for technical fouls, foul language, submit incorrect in the register and wearing the dress without rules and regulation are also included in technical fouls.

Personal fouls:

 personal fouls consist of any types of physical contact such as hitting, slapping, pushing, holding e.t.c.when the ball is live.the sinner is a liability with one foul per violation.if the player doing fouls in five times, then he/she disqualified for the game.on the other hand, we can say if these rules create a disadvantage to the opponent is called foul.


violation means breaking the non-foul related rules. There are many kinds of basketball violation, some as below –

  • Walking: it means illegal steps. Players can’t take more than one step holding the ball without dribbling.
  • Carrying: while a player dribbling the ball he/she must be taken times to passing the ball one hand or both.
  • Double dribble: players can’t use their both hands on the ball at a time while dribbling.
  • Time restriction: in a free throw, players allowed only 10 seconds. You must throw the ball in just 10 seconds after receiving the ball.
  • Out of bounds: a player must be in court boundaries .if you touch the court boundary with the ball then it must be a violation.


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